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  • ice scrapping cone
  • Scrape-A-Round-Magic-Cone-
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Ice Scraper Cone Pack of 4, Magic Cone-Shaped Car Windshield Ice Scraper Funnel, Car Snow Removal Shovel Tool

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Are you tired of removing frost build-up at the car's window and windshield?

 Use this ice scraper cone during snowy days and get rid of frost.


No matter how deep or thick it is, this ice scraper and snow remover ice scraper cone has a unique design that will wash each glass surface of your car very easily in no time. 

This cone designed ice scraper and snow remover scraper comes with a double scraping action formula that is three times faster than other ice scrapers.

It defrosts every inch of the glass very efficiently, so no matter how deep the snow is, you will reach your workplace on time with a clearer glass.

Car Snow Removal Shovel Tool for Car Bus Truck Round Windshield Ice Scraper  Cone-Shaped Car Windshield Ice Scraper Huameng Magical Car Ice Scraper Ice  Scrapers Automotive springcanyonwsd.comThis scrapper is reinforced inside out with plastic mold formulation. Its durability will save you from putting in the extra force. The surface area is extra wide Even the deepest frost doesn't stand a chance against this ice scraper cone. 

Features and Benefits :

  • Cone-shaped Ice Scraping tool- Remove even the toughest frost from your car windows and windshield,
  • The A-shape or cone design makes it extra comfortable to grasp over the tool and allows snow removal from your car more efficiently. 
Magic Ice Scraper Cone-Shaped Round Car Windshield Ice Scraper  Funnel Ice Scraper Car Snow Removal Wiper Shovel Tool Blue Automotive  Exterior Accessories ourvagabondstories.com
  • No scratch left - no matter how hard you rub the scrapper, you won't find any scratch
  • Works efficiently - 3X more efficient than any traditional ice scraper 
  • This frost removal tool has a wide scraping surface, covering more scraping areas and saving you more time.  
Snow Removal,Cone-Shaped Ice Scraper with Funnel and Ice Breaker 2 Pack  Snow Remover RUN STAR Ice Scraper Windshield Round Ice Scraper for Car  Windshield Window Mirror Automotive Ice Scrapers oneinfive.com.au
  • Mini spikes that protrude - The other head is the spike side, which acts like a shovel - if you find a layer of ice formation on the glass, use the spiky side to break it down. 
  • Work as a funnel too
Cone-Shaped Ice Scraper with Funnel and Ice Breaker for Car Windshield and  Window Snow Removal Magical Round Car Windshield Ice Scraper Blue&Black  MO-KENY Ice Scraper 2 Pack Ice Scraper for Car Snow
  • No matter how bad you're at playing air hockey, rubbing this ice scraper cone in any direction will help you score a crystal clear car window and windshield. 
  • Ice scrapper cone makes a perfect gift for your loved ones residing at cold regions and always stayed annoyed by the snow stacking up on their car during winters. 

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