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  • jet flame cigarette lighter
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Torch Lighters, Butane Lighter Portable Size, Adjustable Triple Jet Flame Refillable Lighter

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Hiking, camping, and barbecuing all sound like a lot of fun. What could ruin the fun if you don't have anything to light a fire with? Your travel may take you through areas where the weather is cold; you may require some extra warmth to make your stay more sustainable. It doesn't seem like a good idea to use up all of your phone's battery in search of ignition. Furthermore, being hungry in such a scenario is the last thing you want to go through. It's difficult to imagine this scenario, but not when you double-check a jet lighter before heading 

This jet lighter hosts features that make it an ideal and must have tool while stepping for outdoor activities. This elegant Jet lighter arrives with powerful triple burners that are so strong that the flame could withstand even a storm thus, making the lighter stormproof and windproof. 

To unleash its highest effect, you'll need to set the gas level to maximum using an adjustable knob. However, setting to a medium and lower level will be effective enough to light gas stoves, BBQ grill, fireworks, candle jars, camping, etc. 

The unique feature about this lighter is it has an ignition lock, which allows you to leave the jet lighter still lit while you take off your fingers from the ignition. 

Features :

  • Elegant non slip design and robust built quality
  • It  has 3 powerful burners 
  • Wind and storm proof
  • It has Flame adjustable switch
  • refillable 
  • Flame ignition lock - flame remains still on activating the lock
  • Works like a torch

Benefits :

  • Handy yet practical, storing this jet lighter is as easy as storing a pen. It can be useful in trips like hiking, camping, barbecuing. 
  • Never get lost in dark places, the ignition lock turns the lighter in a flammable torch
  • Either you want to light a candle or seamer your cold food, this jet lighter covers all
  • Makes a thoughtful present to a frequent travel buddy, cigar smokers, etc. 

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