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Magic Pocket Staff, Staff Portable Martial Arts Magic Wand, Portable Martial Arts Metal Bo Staff

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The moment you step outside of your home, countless things can occur and eventually involve you in danger. Whether you're heading back home from the office alone or driving with your family during dark hours, Not to mention there are several dangers that a bunch of bad guys can cause. Everyone has a state of fearlessness inside them. All they need is someone or something to unleash their powers.

Introducing pocket bo staff, carrying this portable Martial Arts Magic Wand , and using it with the right skill set will surely prevent you from those uncertain attacks, keeping you and your family safe.

magic martial arts wand

Although it's more of a stage prop, if you know martial arts or any self-defense technique, with this  magic pocket staff, you can perform an act on the stage and aw the audience with your one-of-a-kind skills. Also, performing those skills can prevent any attack caused by the bad guys is also countable. 

metal bo staff

Features :

  • Made with high-quality stainless steel
  • Pocket-friendly compact design fits anywhere. Easy to carry. 
  • Lightweight design and has telescopic portability. Allows the staff to collapse at a length of 5cm
magic pocket staff
  • One-touch operation - unleash the metal wand with a press of a button positioned on the bottom of the staff. For a safe release, make sure your operating hands are away from your face. 
Portable Martial Arts Metal Bo Staff
  • It has an Aerodynamic design that enhances the speed of the rotation while spinning. 
Staff Portable Martial Arts Magic Wand
  • The wand has a micro concave shape that cuts the surrounding air and increases the rotation speed by 30%. 
  • The pocket staff is retracted easily - Easily retractable to a compact shape by exerting pressure on both the ends and twisting. Using a pin on the top you can lock it. 
magic bo staff
  • Use safely - please do not use the pocket staff to harm anyone intentionally. It's a performance staff and a prop for practicing martial arts and training purposes. Its sharp edges can hurt anyone. It's recommended to use it in a safe environment under safety measures. 

Benefits :

  • Amaze your audience on stage by performing a skillful art
  • Practice martial arts and learn self-defense techniques
pocket staff
  • Scare bad guys causing troubles on street
  • it makes a thoughtful gift for karate lovers, martial art enthusiasts, and stage performers. 


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