• toilet night light,
  • motion activated toilet bowl light
  • color changing toilet bowl light
  • toilet night light,
  • motion activated toilet bowl light
  • color changing toilet bowl light

Toilet Night Light Motion Detection, Motion Activated Toilet Light, Advanced 8-Color LED Toilet Bowl Light For Bathroom Washroom

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Do you feel annoyed by the bathroom light while shooting a dump during nighttime? Eventually, it ruins your precious sleep. Toilet bowl light is the perfect solution to keep your sleep intact and avoid stumbling in the dark, making all targets visible in your bathroom. 

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Wondering how they LIT? The toilet bowl light comes with a motion sensor. When it senses any activity, it gets activated. It automatically switches off after a certain duration, conserving battery life. 

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Besides providing you a fun potty break during midnight, it also sanitizes the toilet. The newly improved UV-Glow is powered with advanced UV disinfecting that can kill upto 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, keeping your toilet clean and free from germs. 

features :

  • Motion sensor toilet bowl light - it glows itself when senses any movement and stays steady for 2 minutes, post last movement, avoiding kids and elderly getting stumbled during the night. 

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  • Warm ambience for your bathroom - you can choose beautiful colors ranging from 8 to 16 or set to auto color rotation mode. LIT up your toilet for a deeply saturated color that is relaxing to your eyes at dark.  

  • Sanitizes your toilet - when the toilet bowl light senses no movement, the built-in disinfecting UV germicidal light turns on for 120 seconds. It kills harmful viruses and bacteria and gives a clean toilet every time you use it. 

  • The improved UV Glow now has air freshening scented pads that not only keeps your toilet clean but also keeps your toilet pleasant and refreshing. 
  • Easy to install- requires no professional or wires. Just 3 AAA batteries. Simply rest the arm on the preferred edge of the toilet seat, and you're good to go. 
  • it is water-resistant and made with high-quality material

  • It has a smart sensor with flexible arm that will sense movements only during the night.  


How to use :

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Benefits :

  • avoid getting stumbled during a midnight toilet break
  • toilet sanitizer - kills germs, bacteria, viruses.

  • eliminates toilet fumes and gives a pleasant scent every time you walk in 
  • Makes a thoughtful gift for every home. It will remind them of you every time they use their bathroom. 

Light source type: led light
Size: 6.5 * 7 (cm)
Main application areas: leisure and entertainment places, building roads, family places switch type induction
Style: Chinese style
Average service life: 100 (h)
Light source power: 4.5 (W)
Light color: 8 colors
Power: battery

Package Content:
1 x Light

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